I get lots of people asking questions about a lot of the same things, so here is some info to hopefully help you with your questions, if you can't find what you're looking for, I would love to answer any specific questions you may have!


I reserve weekends for Weddings, I open up Fridays and Saturdays to shoot other sessions 3 weeks in advance. You may book "tentatively" for a date, but if a bride wants to book a wedding for that day, she will be given the priority and we will re-schedule your shoot.

All bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposits to hold the date, this is due before you can officially be "booked" and on my calendar.


Makeup: I Always recommend a professional makeup artist, especially brides. I have included the contact info of my personal favorite, but there are lots of talented hair and makeup artists to choose from. Makeup makes a HUGE difference in the images. If you do choose to do your own makeup, I would advise you to invest in a good contour palate and ask a makeup expert from sephora or ulta to show you how to use it. You can also find lots of tutorials online. WEAR A LOT. Wear more than you normally do, you want to look your best, and more makeup is better on camera. Camera's wash out faces, and minimize natural contours in your face, so don't be afraid to really go all out. False Eyelashes, full-coverage foundation, contouring, lip color, and eyeshadow all are important. My photo style is very editorial, so prep like you're going to be on the cover of a magazine.

MUA Chloe Bennet:  Phone  801-369-9662  Insta @makeupbychloebennet

Attire: For any given shoot you are welcome to bring two looks (aside from bridals) Some choose to do one more dressy and one more casual, I usually like things to both be dressy. That being said, if you just want to put together one look, that is totally fine too! For girls I always recommend long flow-y dresses, and for men "business casual" so a button down shirt and pants that aren't denim. You can never be too dressed up in my opinion, so go as formal as you want! (or as casual as you want, but why not take any chance to dress to the nines?) I am always willing to help with styling, I know lots of great places to get beautiful dresses, feel free to send me pictures of what you are thinking and I am more than happy to offer my opinion!

Who to bring to a shoot: No one. No one is invited to the shoot that isn't being photographed. I have found that when people bring mom's, sisters, friends, etc. They are less comfortable with being photographed in front of an audience, and it interferes with the shoot. The exception to this would be if it was a shoot with a child (someone under 18) and then of course a parent would be welcome (and expected) to come on the shoot)

How many images do I get: For a standard session, you can expect 50+ images and the print release. this means that I will give you 50+ professionally edited images and you are welcome to post them, print them, share them, basically do anything with them but alter them. YOU MAY NOT ALTER THE IMAGES under any circumstances with instagram filters, editing aps, etc. The images are yours to use but are copywrited by me and are not to be changed.


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